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Meals hand crafted with LOVE

-   ABOUT US  -

Yummy Italian Food is a family owned and operated by Riccardo and Karen Di-Sante. As a young boy Riccardo worked in his family's restaurant in Johannesburg.  He learnt his culinary skills from his stepfather who was a Swiss trained chef.

The family relocated to the South Coast where they bought a hotel and restaurant, which Riccardo managed together with his sister, developing his love for Italian food and family recipes.

After marrying his wife Karen, family and friends encouraged them to open their own food business, which is where Yummy Italian Food was born.


Fresh, high quality ingredients and no preservatives is Yummy Italian Food's hallmark, and this is why our food is freshly frozen.  Sauces are simmered for hours to bring out the rich, complex flavours.  Our pizza and breads are hand crafted with love.  Our passion is reflected in our pastas which are hand made to be soft and full of flavour.

In Italy, life revolves around the dinner table, and if you’re sharing a meal, you’re part of the family...

Welcome to the Yummy Italian Food family!

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